The remarkable photographs of


on view from September 11 - October 8, 2019

Unni Transformations 5x.jpg

Dissecting a brick of melded black and white negatives rescued from a vintage Indian photography studio, Unni Krishnan Pulikkal peeled negative from negative to discover the visual secrets that lay within each frame. Unni cleaned over 40 individual negatives, placed each on a piece of backlit glass and photographed them with a macro lens.  

According to Unni, “the individual faces in the picture may be lost to oblivion, but in spite of the years of decay, the vague image of their ethos remains. Words vanish. Forms fade. The traces of our deeds remain.”

Foothills Galleries presents a selection of these remarkable 19 x 24-inch archival prints…unadorned and lit as if they were just discovered. The full series can be viewed on-line in the slide show below.

All images are offered for sale in a limited edition of 5. Because these unique works engage in an intriguing visual dialogue with each other, we encourage collectors to consider purchasing multiple prints of their choice. Individual prints are $575. The price for 2 prints is $1000. Three prints are priced at $1350 total. And the cost of purchasing 4 prints is $1600.

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